How It Works

Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth, talking about the origins of a culture’s mythology:

Moyers: You’re saying that the environment shapes the story?

Campbell: The storytellers respond to the environment. But WE have a tradition that comes from the first millenium BC, from somewhere else, and we’re handling THAT. It has not turned over and assimilated the qualities of our culture and the new things that are possible and the new vision of the Universe. It must be kept alive. The only people that can keep it alive are artists of one kind or another. The artist’s function is the mythologization of the environment and the world.


How Mythraeum Works

Mythraeum hosts four short story contests a year, each one about a mythological archetype or character.

As of this point, the contests are free and the winner receives $300.

Eventually, a small entry fee will apply to the contests, and a portion of every entry fee will go to increase the total prize money. (Yay!)

Every year, one of the four winning mythic short stories will be chosen for development as a short film.

You can read more about the writing contests in the Writers FAQ.


Who I Am

I’m L. Marrick. I’m a ghostwriter and entrepreneur. I spent a long time traveling and writing books for clients, and have recently settled in Denver. My most recent book (well, one of my clients’ most recent¬†books!) will be published by Hay House. I run Mythraeum LLC, award the prizes, and fund the films from my own pocket at this point.