Friday, July 1st, 2016

Announcement! Contest awards will be $300+ from now on!


Hi Arche-typers!

I can’t even tell you how much fun it is to read your stories every time we hold a contest. You guys are so creative, and I feel so honored every time I get one of your stories in my inbox.

So I’m really happy to tell you that our next contest will not be for $100. It’ll be for $300. 🙂

It will also be our last free contest . . . unless you’ve already entered a Mythraeum contest in the past. If you’ve entered a Mythraeum short story contest before July, or if you enter the Niobe Contest running from July through August 2016, then you can enter the next six contests for FREE!

For new people who enter the contest that runs from September to October, there will be an entry fee. It’ll look like this:

— Enter from September 1–15: $9.00
— Enter from September 16–30: $12.00
— Enter from October 1–14: $15.00
— Enter from October 15–31: $18.00


Why the ever-increasing entry fee, you ask?

I’m glad you asked.

That’s because a portion of every entry fee will go to increase the total prize (which will again start at $300), and I want to encourage people to enter early. That way you’ll get to watch the prize go up with every entry.

Be sure to subscribe to “Contest Announcements” to be notified of our contests and the winners. (Just click “Subscribe” and a box of options will pop up. Choose “Contest Announcements” and any other categories you want updates on.)

And follow Mythraeum on Facebook! I’m giving away mythic schwag and posting about myths, symbols, and writing tips. I’m also doing Short Film Fridays and Short Story Saturdays where I’m featuring some excellent stories and films for us to learn from (okay, I guess they’ll be entertaining too.) And of course, I’m sharing stories from Mythraeum on Facebook.

To kick off our Facebook page, I’m doing a two-month stretch of contests, giving away a few gorgeous hand-painted Egyptian papyri and an “Odyssey” themed table and chairs (coming to Facebook in August). Head on over to Facebook to check out the papyrus prize! (I didn’t paint the papyri—those were done by a pro. I am creating the table and chairs though, and that’s not quite done yet . . . so you’ll have to wait for that one.)


L. Marrick



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