Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Artemis and Orion Contest Results!


Thanks to everyone who entered the Artemis and Orion writing contest!

I loved reading all your stories, and I’m so happy to say that I have a winner. Kimberly Morning’s story “The Hunt” won the $50 to Amazon. Congratulations, Kimberly! (Click here or on her name above to read it!)

“The Hunt” sets the myth in modern-day Washington, D.C., and casts Artemis as a feminist journalist looking to take down a high-power businessman and playboy, Orion, who turns out to have an unexpected feminist streak himself. Instead of focusing on Orion’s death, Kimberly chose to focus on another aspect of their relationship, which really worked well for her story.

She has generously agreed to let me share the story here on Mythraeum, and I’m excited to post it here in a few days!

To see the original contest specifications, click here.


Honorable mentions to Michael Lapallo, who dropped Artemis and Orion in post-apocalyptic New York and made me laugh out loud many times. (Michael’s story will post here on Friday the 13th . . . because he’s lucky like that.)

And to Kristy Herbeck, whose sultry story included a mythic character I hadn’t even thought might be involved, and whose Apollo dropped some memorable one-liners that keep coming back to me.


Thanks again to everyone who entered—this was so fun! And don’t forget to check out November 2015’s contest, about Apollo’s humble days as a quirky attractive convict farmboy. (Yes, really.)

The prize is the same for November as for October’s contest—a $50 Amazon gift card. I’m working on other ways to handle the prizes, but right now this feels like a safe, uncomplicated, and reliable way to go about it. (And winners don’t have to pay taxes on gift cards . . . I’m always thinking in terms of taxes! A curse of the self-employed, I guess.)



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