Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Artemis vs. Apollo Contest Results



Thanks to everyone who entered the Artemis vs. Apollo short story contest!

I really enjoyed reading all of your stories, and I’m so happy to say that there’s a winner—Tristin Weber won $100 for the story “Helios Rising.” Congratulations, Tristin!

The theme of the contest was about the relationship between Apollo, god of civilization, and Artemis, goddess of nature. Read the original contest specifications here.

“Helios Rising” explored this theme in the context of a high-power corporation looking to redevelop an abandoned nuclear power plant. I found the main character to be both relatable and inspiring, and the depictions of Apollo and Artemis were intimidating without being unapproachable. Both archetypes were standing firm in their power and that was nicely accomplished. Thank you Tristin!

Tristin has generously agreed to let me share the story here on Mythraeum.

I’m also going to share a few honorable mentions, so be sure to subscribe to the category “Read Contest Entries” if you’d like to read those as well.

The first honorable mention goes to Jarrett Rumoro, whose story “Greed and Grief” tapped into ancient epic poetry to tell a story of Apollo overreaching his bounds, and how the balance was eventually restored to give Artemis her rightful place as well. (The epic poetry effect going on here is so fun, this is definitely a good read!)

The next honorable mention goes to Jesse Campodonico for the story “District Apollo.” When Artemis attempts to stop Apollo’s incursions into her territory, he responds by taking her prisoner and engaging her in a series of contests to determine who should get the rights to the territory. Jesse’s story had me laughing out loud several times with some of Apollo’s egotistical comments and attitude, and Artemis’s confusion about modern technology was right on point.


Thanks again to everyone who entered—this was so fun! And don’t forget to check out June and July’s contest, about the myth of Cassandra.

Mythraeum currently hosts six of this short story contests a year. In 2017, one of the winning contest entries will be chosen for production as a short film. Tristin’s story is up for consideration!

We’re already well into preproduction for our first short, titled HEAT. We’re shooting in June 2016 (and I’m telling myself that I’m not stressed out about this at all because I’ve been studying and preparing for a long time and it’s all under control . . . it’s all under control . . . it’s all under control . . .). Read more about that project here.

And be sure to enter your short story to the current contest to have a chance to see it developed into a film!



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