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Channeling: An End to Ares Consciousness


So I was meditating with the energy of Aphrodite’s archetype (that would be love). And I was wondering about how to infuse our daily experience with love, both on an individual and global level.

It’s key for humanity right now to learn to love in a different way than we have. I could even say to learn to love for the first time, because if we already understood love our world wouldn’t be in the shape it is. I wouldn’t read headlines and see pictures in the news every other day that make me cry.

So I figured Aphrodite was the one to talk to. But she took me down a weird path. Instead of showing me all about how to love, she told me that she wanted me to forgive myself and all of humanity for being so violent and confused about love. (I wanted to use the word “unloving” there, but Aphrodite doesn’t like this word. She doesn’t think it describes humanity, and she doesn’t actually believe “unloving” is a real thing that exists in the universe. She thinks, instead, that humanity is simply confused about love.)

But how could I forgive such atrocities as the human race has inflicted upon itself? Why should I even do so? Aphrodite had the reasons for that, too. She started showing me why we’re having such trouble with love.

It’s a little something I started calling Ares Consciousness.


The Origins of Ares Consciousness

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that there is another planet populated by extraterrestrial beings who are born with the understanding of their natural connection.

(What do you mean “their connection with what?” With everything!)

They understand that they are naturally connected with their source—the cosmic energy that they emerged from—and with one another. They know they all come from the same cosmic energy, so they all feel themselves as one family.

These people are even telepathic. So there is no miscommunication or conflict on their planet. The entire species is connected with this global network of thought and emotion.

As their society evolves, they don’t develop many different cultures, belief systems, or languages. Because they naturally experience themselves as unified, any variations in the cultures on their planet are simply related to the variations in the environment. All across their planet, they evolve very similar ways of living.

They understand one another perfectly. When a member of this society looks at his world, he just sees variations of himself. The world is like a giant mirror to him. Why would he want to fight with himself?

These people are deeply connected to one another and to all of life, and where there is deep connection there is great reflection. (You can see this in couples that start to look like one another.)

Now back to Earth.

Earth is different than that planet. Earth is shrouded in “one hundred veils.” The veils shroud our entire planet, and cut off the people on it from understanding their connection with one another and with all of life. The veils are designed to make the people on Earth feel totally at sea and isolated.

This means that the souls who decide to be born on Earth must pass through the hundred veils and FORGET everything they know to be true.

We forget who we are, our inherent connection with all of creation, and our connection with one another. (We even forget our telepathy, so we cannot understand each other and have miscommunications all the time.)

Thus begins the beautiful and terrifying human experiment.

This experience of separation has resulted in some amazing things that simply don’t occur on the planet where everyone senses their connection. It means that people on Earth feel like their only points of connection are with those who are immediately around them (their clan/tribe/family) and with their environment itself. And THIS results in a wide variety of cultures, belief systems, and languages that have dramatic variations.

The vibrant variety we have created on Earth is a unique gift that could not have been achieved in any other way. We needed the experience of separation to do that.

That separation experience has also resulted in an “us versus them” mentality, and it comes with an inherent level of violence.

The origins of the “us versus them” mentality began when we forgot that “we” ARE “them.”

When we believe we are separate from the source of life, we naturally fear that we will lose the source of our life. When we believe we are separate from each other, we naturally believe we must defend ourselves against each other. We have to struggle (with each other) to secure the source of our life.

The need to defend yourself and what you value against “someone else” is inherent in the experience of disconnection. It is natural and inevitable.

This inherent need to fight and defend is “Ares Consciousness.”

It is an inherently violent way of experiencing life. And it has been part and parcel of living on Earth for all of history.


Ares in Action

How do you know if you’re in Ares Consciousness? If you’re a human being, you are. All of humanity has been entrenched in Ares Consciousness since the beginning of our time. It was part of our human collective agreement. We agreed to this when we decided to be born on Earth.

When we are in Ares Consciousness, we see threats in everything. Everything is a small battle, and a lot of things are big battles.

Ares sees life as a struggle. He’s the fucking god of war, that’s what he does. Ares sees struggle in:

— Money
— Pleasure
— Health
— Love
— Past loves
— Future loves
— Its body weight
— Food
— Other men who want the same woman as he does
— The weather
— Climate change
— Someone who turns the heat up too high in the office
— His boss
— Walking down the street at night
— The way that guy looked at him as he walked down the street (Is there something stuck in his teeth? Should he defend himself against the way he looks?)
— Watching TV shows that he’s afraid other people think are stupid (Should he say something to brush off the fact that he likes American Idol?)
— People who are different from him.
— Etc. etc. and so forth.

Ares walks through the world finding things to defend himself and those he loves against.

And Ares does feel love, in his way. He is very passionate. So even though Ares Consciousness is violent, it is very noble. It fights the good fight and stands up for the weak. It protects those in its clan. It fights to end social injustice. It has made a huge difference in many people’s lives, and in the overall path the world has taken. It has carved our history. It is bloody, but there is also something beautiful about it.

But now we’re at a time when Ares has the power to destroy the entire world. It was inevitable that we would get here, but it’s still alarming. We cannot keep our beloved Ares Consciousness, even if we are trying to defend the weak and fight social injustice.

And even defending the weak is a violent mindset. Because it comes from a place of defense, it is just another attempt to solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. Defense is the other side of attack. They are part of the same coin. Defense creates attack, which creates defense, which creates attack, etc.

The common thinking is that we must “break the cycle of violence.”

But violence is not a cycle. Violence is a mode of consciousness.

The “cycle” will never be “broken” because you cannot break what an archetype is. It would mean you have to break Ares himself. (Try it, I dare you. I pity the fool!) Even the phrase “break the cycle” is violent. How are we going to break violence? What are we going to do? Karate chop it?

The only way Ares will stop fighting is if he transforms and lays down his sword.

We have to change our entire way of seeing the world, ourselves, and one another.

This requires a shift into Aphrodite Consciousness.


Aphrodite Consciousness

Aphrodite is love. Love does not fight. Love never defends or attacks.

Love creates space and holds it. It creates space and holds it for things to be safely, freely what they are.

Love does not see the need to defend herself against everything . . . because she feels love coming from everything.

Aphrodite walks through the world not sensing attack from every direction, but sensing love from every direction.

Everything in the world is supporting Aphrodite. Even Ares. (Do you remember the myth where Aphrodite and Ares had the most passionate love affair in all of Olympus? They did.)

Can you sense love from every direction?

Can you feel the way everything in the world—even the scary and painful parts—are supporting you?

My guess is probably not. I can’t either. (I’ve had some moments of it, but I don’t walk through the world that way yet.)

The world is going through a spiritual shift right now. The hundred veils are falling away from our planet quickly. As the veils fall, Ares Consciousness will naturally fall away with them. Because we will naturally begin to remember our connection with one another. We will naturally shift into Aphrodite Consciousness. It’s already started.

If you want to help usher the world through this shift more quickly so we stop killing ourselves, it’s important to start recognizing Ares Consciousness at work in your life.

You don’t have to fight it; just become aware of it. Become aware of how steeped in a victim mentality you are in the simplest things in your life.

(And I’ll just mention again that if you are a human being, you ARE in Ares Consciousness. There is perhaps a small percentage of humanity, like from 1% to 5%, that is no longer in Ares Consciousness, but these would be people who have reached enlightenment or worked on their own personal awareness pretty hardcore.)

Feeling a constant low-level sense of threat makes no sense in a world where you are the only being walking around. (We are all one—remember? Or is that nothing more than a sweet little sentiment to you?)

If we want to connect with true love (which is always unconditional), we must recognize all the conditions we have put on love. Ares always has conditions on love because he is afraid it’s going to disappear, and because he sees little things about relationships themselves as threats.

Aphrodite never has conditions on her love.

She has high standards, but no conditions. There is a big difference between honoring your personal preferences and what makes your soul sing (which means having high standards), and demanding that love submits itself to you so that you can feel safe and trust that you won’t lose it (that would be conditional love.)

One by one, the hundred veils are falling away from Earth. This makes it possible for “individual” souls on our planet to drop their own “individual” veils more quickly. A very high state of consciousness is more accessible to everyone on Earth right now, and will be from here on out.

But your veils aren’t going to just fall off. You’ve got to lift them yourself. Explore what love means for you.


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