Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Channeling Artemis: Gaia Signed Up for This Game

A Message from Artemis


This is a message from Artemis, who claims that the fact we’re destroying our planet . . . is part of the natural order of our planet. Never would have guessed that one.


Let’s talk about your destruction of your planet.

Over the past few centuries, you—I am speaking of you as humanity now, as a whole single being, for you are all one being even though you do not experience this yet—you have been exploiting and destroying Earth. You have done this as you built up your cities and your intellectual empires. As you advanced your technologies and became swamped in your own greed.

Now you are experiencing the fruits of these actions. You’re experiencing the changes that your planet—Gaia, let us call her by a name so it’s simpler for you to consider her a being—is undergoing. Changing climate patterns, dying coral reefs, mass extinctions of species, rising sea levels. All of this is just beginning, and is going to continue for a very long time. It’s going to get worse. The face of Gaia is changing forever, entirely due to your relationship with her.

I know that you’ve recognized this and that you are horrified by what you’ve done. Rightly so.

You think you have disrupted the natural order of things.

Well, I can tell you this—if you think you can disrupt the natural order of things, you know nothing about the natural order.

I am not saying you have not nearly destroyed Gaia. I am not saying your destruction of Gaia is a right and good thing, or that it is a bad and reprehensible thing. Those are moral perspectives and I do not share them. Don’t forget that as well as being goddess of nature and wild things, I bring destruction too. Death and destruction are not wrong. And so if you come to this writing seeking some kind of masochistic reprimand, you won’t find it.

Now, if you will listen, I will tell you about the true natural order of things, which CANNOT be disrupted.


First, let us review your mission and intentions as humanity. You know what humanity is doing, don’t you? You are aware of the experiment that you, as a human body with many bodies, undertook with your existence on Earth?

I will refresh your memory. The experiment was one of abandoning your power—for you are an all powerful being, a manifestation of infinite cosmic energy. (You cannot be anything else. The only thing that exists is Infinity. Or Eternity. Or God. Whatever you want to call it, everything that exists has to be encompassed in it. If there were something that was not part of Infinity, that would mean a boundary had been created for Infinity, which would mean it was not Infinity. Do you see how all things MUST be one thing? How it cannot be any other way? You are a manifestation of Infinite Cosmic Energy.)

The game you created with your humanity was to experience separation, limitation, and powerlessness. This is not an easy thing to do. How can infinite light experience darkness? How can someone who has all the powers of the universe flowing through them, experience feeling powerless? How can a mind that is naturally connected to every other mind experience separation?

For this experiment, you required a very special playing field.

Most of the places in the universe vibrate at too high a frequency for you to experience such darkness. If you think of outer space as an infinite grid, most places on the grid are simply too bright. They vibrate too high, and it feels too good to be there.

You required a playing field that would vibrate lower, so you could experience “negativity,” if you’ll forgive my language.

You required a place where you could struggle with life, fear death, feel insecure and unsafe, see other men as separate beings and fight them, experience lack and loss and defeat, rip yourself open with grief, rage against a cold and absent god, feel alone and unloved, and always always always strive to take as much power for yourself as you could so that you might feel secure.

The separation experiment has many positive aspects, too, such as the formation of unique and colorful cultures and languages—but even these have served you as barriers preventing a sense of unity.

You knew that this experiment would entail suffering. You knew that it would be a masochistic bloodbath, at times. You knew there would be fear and that you would experience your own destruction.

But you also knew that your ultimate destruction was not possible. Only the illusion of it is possible. And you knew that this experiment with darkness had a limited timeframe. After all, it would only take you so long to start noticing that you weren’t as powerless as you once thought. Sooner or later, you’d catch on to the fact that you are god.

This is starting to happen now. You’re waking up. You’re remembering.

(Do you know how long the human race has been on Earth? You are but a blip in her lifespan. It has, indeed, not taken you very long to come to this point of awakening to your true identity.)

(By the way, you cannot imagine the joy we experience in watching you come into your true power. It is like watching a baby learn to walk.)

But back to your grand and insane experiment. As I said, you needed a playing field that would allow you to experience such darkness.

Gaia volunteered.

Now, I speak of Gaia as though she were a separate being from you, and I only do so to support your understanding, for your mind and your language have not expanded to the place where you can easily converse about total unity and individuation in the same breath.

Gaia saw your needs and created herself specifically for you and your experiment. Gaia created herself as a playing field for your intentions to experience separation.

Gaia knew what she was getting herself into. She knew that this would turn into a destructive relationship. It was inevitable. She knew this was part of the game.

In the natural order of things, your intellect—that is, humanity’s intellect—would inevitably grow to the point when you began playing with the building blocks of your world. It is part of the natural order that you felt attacked by your planet and sought to master it. It is part of the natural order that you began taking things apart to see how they worked. It is part of the natural order that you started experimenting with how you could put them back together and create genetically modified beings. It is part of the natural order that you are creating machines and artificial intelligence. (There is nothing unnatural about artificial intelligence.) It is part of the natural order that you seek to oppress and have power over one another—because this is a natural result of a belief in separation. Violence itself is part of the natural order, since it is a natural result of minds that live in fear and separation. Destruction is part of the natural order, even to the magnitude you have taken it.

It is like a child having a temper tantrum. That is not pleasant, and it occurs because there are fundamental things that the child does not understand. But it is not unnatural.

It is not an easy thing for you to hear that what you call darkness, cruelty, environmental destruction, and every other nightmarish hell you have created—are part of the natural order. I am not passing moral judgment on these things or saying they are right. There is no such thing as inherent morality in creation. I say this to you to ease your self hate and guilt, and so that you come to a deeper understanding of nature—both of your own, and of Gaia’s.

I assure you, nothing can occur outside the natural order. How could it? That is like saying something could exist outside of existence. Nature is the law of the universe. Nature is YOUR law. You are natural. You are infinite. You are perfectly on track.

Gaia and humanity have an agreement. A contract. The contract is: let’s see how far humanity can take this whole “separation and darkness” game.

Gaia knew going into this that she would have her guts ripped out.

Now you’re at a late stage in the game. At this point, humanity has developed the ability to destroy both itself and Gaia.

There are many parallel universes—many versions of Earth, all existing within the same field grid of what you call space. These earths exist “on top of” one another, if you will. Or perhaps I ought to say they exist in the same space, but in different dimensions. (Where you are sitting right now, reading this, there is in a parallel dimension another version of you, looking at a different web page. Facebook, probably.) I can assure you that many of these parallel Earths have already been destroyed. That is how far you have taken the game. Humanity has destroyed itself and its planet in many of these universes.

The universe you are in right now is not one in which humanity and Gaia have self destructed. The one you’re in right now is either in the process of self destructing, or in the process of being saved.

Because that was part of the game, too. How far can you go into darkness, and still find your way back into the light? It is inevitable that some versions of Earth will find their way back to the light.

Just please, know that Gaia does not harbor hatred toward you for what you are doing to her. She knows what’s going on better than you do.

Some pregnancies make the mother sick. Some pregnancies even kill the mother and child both. Some, though—some turn into glorious relationships, full of new life, joy, love, and the births of many new worlds.

This does not mean that it does not matter what you do to your planet. If you wish to create another destroyed Earth, by all means proceed ripping out the guts of your mother. If you wish to create another saved Earth . . . well, you know what to do. The natural evolution of your intelligence is taking you to a place where you have what you need to save your lives, to save Gaia, and to find your way back to the light. Trust the natural process. There is no need to hate yourselves or one another over the destruction of Gaia. In fact, you will need the opposite of that energy in order to turn your crashing ship around.

Thank you for the work you’re doing. I’m so honored to be here with you at this time.


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