Monday, June 12th, 2017

Channeling Hermes: Fake News


A conversation between me and the Trickster/Magician. It started with me asking the God of Communication about fake news, an ended as a lesson on the nature of reality. Check out my musings on the Hermes archetype here.


Me: Hermes, I’ve been wondering. With all the fuss these days about fake news…well, in the news, what can we believe? I want to know how to tell what is real from what is not.

Hermes: Do you.

Me: Um. Yes.

Hermes: What is real v what is not. Come now. You know better than that.

Me: …I mean, I know that reality is a perception, and…

Hermes: Yes? Tell me about reality.

He is laughing at me now, but patiently, waiting for my thoughts to catch up with what I want to say.

Me: Well, I know that reality emanates from me. I am the source. The creator. Everything I see and experience is a reflection of me.

Hermes: Yes. Let’s talk about why that is. You are the creator of your reality, because—drumroll please—all things are one thing. Remember? Yes? Hello? All things = One? Still with me? Good. So because all things are one . . . that means that one thing didn’t create another thing. That means there was only ever one prime creator, and the only thing it could ever create is itself. Yes?

Me: Okay, but then . . . isn’t that like in the first moment there was the one creator. And it created a new part of itself in the second moment, and in the third moment it created another part of itself . . . and I’m one of those parts, right? So–

Hermes: No, wrong. You’re talking about time, but remember: all things are one thing. This includes moments. All moments are one moment. And what do you mean “part” of the creator? There are no “parts” of it. There is only It. The great I Am. Shazam. WOW. So when I say you’re God, I don’t mean part of God. I mean God. There’s only one.

Me: And then that would make you . . .

Hermes: Also God. I’m an aspect of your consciousness. This is you talking to yourself. Get it?

Me: Yes. I mean, it’s still kind of hard for me to say the sentence “I am God” and feel okay about it, but . . . conceptually I get where you’re coming from.

Hermes sighs and does a little face palm: Conceptually. Okay, that’s where you’re at then. Fine. At least you’re still with me conceptually. You know, conceptually, that there is one creator, and YOU ARE IT. That is why your reality reflects you. It’s because your reality IS you. There is nothing else for your reality to be.

Me: Okay . . . so my reality is my consciousness. I get it.

Hermes: And yet you’re still confused about what is real “in the news.”

Me: Yes, I totally am.

Hermes: Totally. So you have come to me, to ask how to see through your own confusion—to see through the confusion and conflicting information you are generating, by the way, because all things are generated by you.

Me: Yes.

Hermes: Then you’re not going to like what I have to say. Because I’m going to tell you that you haven’t heard a damn word I’ve said. “Fake news?” What the fuck are you even asking? This is lazy thinking. You’re asking a question as though there is an answer in some external reality. But we have already established that you are the creator of said reality. So what you are really experiencing is not confusion about what is real, but just a state of confusion in general. And that is reflecting around you.

Me: Holy shit.

Hermes: The holiest of all shits. Your state of division—both in your own heart and mind, and in your human collective—manifests out of you as conflicting and missing information. Confusion. Facts that seem to contradict one another. Opinions that seem as though they could never co-exist. THE UNIVERSE HAS NO AGENDA OR PLAN FOR YOU. THE UNIVERSE HAS NO TRUTH FOR YOU TO FIND. THE UNIVERSE HAS NO LESSON FOR YOU TO LEARN. You are the agenda. You are the truth. You are the lesson. Your word is the only word, and when you don’t know what you are saying, you don’t know what you are hearing. Because yours is the only voice in the room. And I will tell you a further secret.

Me: A further secret? I thought you said there was no truth for me to find?

Hermes: It’s not a secret, really. It will just seem like one to you, because you’re confused. So common sense doesn’t often make sense to you.

Me: Okay, then. Lay it on me.

Hermes: You enjoy this confusion. You love not knowing what’s real. You find a dark thrill in the conflict.

Me: Um . . . oh my god.

Hermes: You’re feeling it, aren’t you? Humans LOVE conflict. YOU LOVE THIS SHIT! That’s why it’s the holiest of all shits. You can’t get enough of confusion and conflict, of not knowing what the hell is real, and fighting it out between one another and within your own heart. That’s part of the human frequency, the human vibration. You enjoy it, you sick twisted fucks. Sometimes watching you all feels like watching children play in toxic slime, just having the time of their lives while they’re getting radiation poisoning. But that’s part of the human game. That’s part of the darkness that falls when you pull the hundred veils over your eyes. You get the confusion, the conflict, the ceaseless quest to find “What is real.” You can’t get enough. And it’s such a thrill to watch you take that ride. Although, it does make me sad when the children playing in the toxic slime start to get sick and cry.

Me: Gee, thanks.

Hermes: No, thank you. Really. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, so thanks for wearing them. Now, let’s get back to your inherent state of confusion.

Me: Is it really inherent?

Hermes: Yes, to an extent. That’s part of the human frequency, remember. But just because it’s inherent doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.

Me: Okay, explain?

Hermes: The confusion and conflict is a natural element of the human frequency. It’s part of why you signed up for this “being human” game. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re condemned to be in it for your entire human life. Once you realize that you’re the one doing the creating—not being acted upon, but acting; not being influenced, but influencing—then you can begin to notice the way your own confusion and pain is manifesting. Again, and again, and again, in a marvellous multitude of ways. The variations of your turmoil are prismatic. It’s inspiring. So you can start to notice that, and the next step is starting to turn it around by changing your focus from your confusion to your certainty.

Me: But how do I become certain of something when I’m confused about it?

Hermes: You don’t. You stop trying to become certain of it. That is only going to emphasize your confusion. It’s like trying to dig your way out of a hole. Instead, pay attention to what you’re focusing on. Stop focusing on all the conflicting information and emotions, choose something that you want to experience, and pour your focus into that. Make your focus your certainty. Change your focus from trying to interpret things to creating things. Instead of demanding that your existing politicians tell you the truth and speak plainly (this will never happen), focus on changing your system, and the beliefs it is entrenched in, that allow for lies and conflict and manipulation and exploitation to happen in the first place. You can literally choose to forget the problem, and say “You know what? Nevermind. You all suck anyway. We’re doing it differently from here on out.” Your history books would read, “The people of the time grew fed up with trying to understand what happened, realizing that this obfuscation itself was a sign of corruption, and decided to fire all of their leaders and create a new system based on organization and cooperation instead of leadership, and transparency instead of secrecy.”

Me: So . . . that’s it? That’s how we cut through the fake news?

Hermes: Yes. You realize that it’s not about figuring out what happened. It’s about figuring out what you want to happen and then focusing on that. Don’t worry about trying to get your entire society to focus on one thing together. I won’t say that’s too much to ask for (you are all collectively focusing on many things), but it’s too much to ask you to consciously do this at this point. But you can do it on an individual level and in small groups. Don’t underestimate yourself. And remember: there are an infinite number of parallel universes in existence, and what you focus on determines the one you will shift into.

Me: Okay. Well, thank you.

Hermes: You’re welcome. And thank you. The service you are providing by playing in the muck is invaluable. I’ve never seen anything else like it. Go you.


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