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Channeling Hermes: When You Follow Your Signs and Wind Up in Hell


So you’ve followed the signs—all the little synchronicities that seemed to confirm that you were on the right path—and you still wound up in hell. What gives? Did your signs lead you down the wrong path?


The signs seemed to all say that you were going in the right direction. All the synchronicities you encountered confirmed your suspicion that you were making the right decision, or that this person was the one for you. Your desire was strong, and you did plenty of visualization and manifestation work. Maybe you even had some kind of premonition, like visions or clairvoyance, that told you you were headed down the right path. So you wholeheartedly followed the signs . . . only to wind up screwed. Nothing worked out the way you wanted.

What happened?

I was wondering about this, thinking that maybe Aphrodite or Apollo would answer, when who should show up but Hermes.

I had not been expecting this guy. I hadn’t even started THINKING about Hermes. I had barely got used to Aphrodite’s energy (and haven’t even written that many pieces about her yet), when Hermes unexpectedly showed up and demanded my attention.

I was like, “Um, I don’t think I’m ready for you yet.”

And I swear to god, his energy leaned against the doorframe, folded his arms, smirked at me, and he said, “Tough rocks, babes.”


He had a very playful presence. Quick, demanding—as though he were snapping his fingers to get my attention and saying, “Keep up!”

Keep up, babes.

Once I reoriented to the fact that he was there, I was ready to listen. I asked, “Okay, why you? What have you got for me?”

Still smirking, he said, “That’s more like it, let’s do this,” and then I got the download.

Turns out the question about following your signs is actually a question about manifestation and form, and that is full-on Hermes territory. Of course, any of the gods could have answered it, but Hermes is the one who personifies this most directly. He showed up fast—I sensed a kind of zing in the air—and the information came in fast, too. I received all of this info pretty quickly. Writing it feels slow. But that’s Earth for you.

Here’s what the Herm told me about following the signs and ending up in hell anyway.


Ah. Yes. I see a lot of frustration due to this. A lot of people feeling betrayed by what they call The Universe (and referring to The Universe that way just proves they don’t understand The Universe.) Or they call it the Law of Attraction. Or Spirit. Whatever. They don’t get it.

Because I can tell you this, little sister, the Universe NEVER betrays you. Never! It cannot do so, that is an impossibility! That is like saying the mirror could show you something other than yourself. Can’t happen.

That you think the Universe can mislead you or lie to you points to your own depth of misunderstanding. So let’s talk.

First, let’s talk about the “synchronicities” you mentioned. The “signs.”

What are these “signs?”

“Signs” are the Law of Attraction in action.

Okay, the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS in action. You can’t turn it off. But you can misunderstand it, and most of you do. It’s more accurately termed the Law of Reflection. What it means is that what you put out is what you get back. Without fail. If you want to know what you believe, what your state of being is, look to your external world, for it is constantly reflecting your internal world. As without, so within. As above, so below.

The external world reflects your internal world in an intricate, holistic way. Most of the time, it’s happening on such a fundamental level that you either don’t notice it—the way you don’t notice your own skin even though it’s coming out of your body and you live in it—or you can’t imagine how it’s working.

You have actually achieved quite an inspiring level of obliviousness. Well done. (Believe it or not, obliviousness was part of your objective in coming to Earth, so you can take my sarcastic “well done” as an actual compliment.)

Are you with me? Hello? Keep up.

We have the Law of Attraction reflecting yourself back to you all the time. The more you pay attention to something, the more of it you get. If you are seeing signs, it means that the Law of Attraction is confirming things for you. That’s all it ever does.

If you meet someone and fall in love, you’ll see signs that confirm your love. Graffiti that says, “He loves you.” The radio plays “At Last” and you’re sure your lonely days are over.

The Universe is validating what you feel. The Law of Attraction always validates you.

If you are planning to move across the country, but you have a sneaking suspicion that it may be a bad idea, you may start seeing “signs” that discourage you from moving. You’ll overhear someone trying to convince their family member not to move out. You’ll see a laxative advertisement that says, “Can’t go?”

Again, the Law of Attraction is reflecting yourself back to you. In this case, it’s reflecting your reluctance to go.

But you will usually interpret it instead as a message from some external force or being “guiding you.” It’s not an external being.

(There is no external being. All seemingly external beings are vibrations and aspects of your own consciousness. EVEN I MYSELF am a vibration of your own consciousness. I do not exist apart from you. No one and nothing exists apart from you. There is only One Being. There is only YOU.)

(But I digress.)

These “signs” don’t come from any “external guiding force.” This is YOU guiding YOURSELF.

So if you follow your signs, that’s what is happening. You notice something or feel it, the Law of Attraction picks up on it, and then reflects that thing back to you—again and again.

You—bless your dear stupid hearts—do not notice this reflection effect, you are baffled and amazed, and you think that there is some magical sky being showing you the way. Like a ghost or a spirit guide or a god.

That’s cute. You’re like a kitten chasing its own tail.

Okay! Are you with me on how signs work? Because I’m ready to move on to how you follow your signs and wind up in hell.

This happens because you’re following your signs to something—some object or person, some goal—that you think you want.

What you actually want is an experience. You want a feeling. You want GOOD feelings. You tend to choose an object that represents these good feelings. It can be a house, a car, a job, a lover, a certain amount of money, a lox and cream cheese bagel.

Now you think that object is going to give you those good feelings. You think your signs are leading you to this object. The specific house, specific job, or specific lover.

(In fact, remember, your signs are not LEADING you anywhere. They are just the the Universe reflecting you to yourself.)

But all of these things are just symbols. They are symbols of what you want to feel.

And this is where my trickster art of illusion comes in, because when you’re looking at a form of something in the material world, you can never be sure exactly what you’re looking at. You can only be sure of your perception of it. (And even then, only sometimes.) You can only be sure of what it symbolizes for you.

You can’t know if that lover is the exact right one for you. You only have your perception of the person and what they symbolize for you. In this case, let’s say it’s love and connection. That person symbolizes a love connection for you.

You think that person will give you your love connection. But that’s not true. The person is only a SYMBOL of love connection. You don’t even know them yet!

So you follow your beautiful synchronistic signs—the signs saying HERE IS A LOVE CONNECTION—to this person (who has no idea what the hell is going on and doesn’t know they’re supposed to be a love connection), and then you get to know the person a little more . . . and it turns out they’re not what you expected.

They’re kind of a sloppy eater, and they’re not very ambitious, and they’re mean to waiters, and they don’t want to do anything fun on weekends, and they post really stupid things on Facebook, and they don’t like Game of Thrones. (What the hell? Who is this person?)

Now you’re confused. Why is this object not being the love connection you were promised by the signs?

Well, what has happened is that your perspective has shifted. It’s expanded to include more information about this specific person. And when your perception of them changed, they became a different object. They no longer symbolize LOVE CONNECTION for you.

Now they symbolize disappointment and frustrated desires. And sad you.

Do you see how at first, you perceived an object that represented one thing. And then later, you perceived something different—the object TRANSFORMED before your eyes into something else.

This is how manifestations can transform before your eyes. This is my trickster art of illusion. You never know what you’re looking at, because your perception can always change. You may think you know someone for years, only to one day look at them in a new light and wonder who the hell they are.

Perception shift = transformation.

Now back to your signs. Remember your signs? They are what got you into this mess in the first place.

Your signs were right. You were feeling LOVE CONNECTION and the Law of Attraction reflected back to you YES OKAY GOOD LOVE CONNECTION. So you followed those feelings and those signs to the object that symbolized LOVE CONNECTION to you. All well and good so far. Then the object transformed. No longer symbolizes love connection. At this point your signs will probably shift to “Get out now” or “Exit this way.”

Once again, the Universe and the Law of Attraction is validating you. You changed your mind (literally, you changed your perception and it changed your mind), and the Universe reflected it back.

Your signs have not lied to you. Your signs have not done a U-turn. YOU have.

Remember this about your signs: They are not guiding you. They are validating you.

The Universe cannot offer you guidance or direction. That is because YOU are the creator. YOU are in charge. The Universe is guided by YOU, not the other way around. So make a decision—and see the Universe say yes to it. Then change your mind—and see the Universe say yes to that just as enthusiastically.

I see the same thing a lot when people say they’re “guided” to go somewhere or do something. That their signs pointed them in a specific direction.

Okay, sure, fine, whatever.

Like everything else, that’s just the Law of Attraction in action, reflecting yourself back to you.

Let’s say you notice something about Sedona. Then you see a bumper sticker about Sedona. Then you hear a commercial about Sedona. Then one of your favorite speakers mentions Sedona. You may think you’re being guided to go to Sedona. Actually it’s just the Law of Attraction giving you Sedona, Sedona, Sedona, again and again and again. So you think, “Oh, there must be something for me in Sedona! I am called to do some work there!” But if you stopped paying attention to it and instead noticed Switzerland, you’d start seeing stuff about Switzerland everywhere. (Again: There is no external being or force guiding you. There is no external being or force. There is only YOU. There is no Universal guidance because the Universe does not guide you. YOU guide the Universe. It will always validate what you say is so, even if you do not realize you are saying it is so. And most of the time you don’t realize it.)

Now, this is not to say that there isn’t something magical or amazing for you in Sedona. You may experience just that, and then feel validated that your signs were guiding you there. “See! I WAS supposed to come to Sedona!” But do not forget that you are the center of your world, and your signs and manifestations will follow you wherever you go. You are the axis mundi. Your world revolves around you. Wherever you go, you will find you are needed.

Unless you’re all about manifesting signs that say you’re not needed. Then you’ll never be needed anywhere and you’ll always feel useless.

Like I said, the Universe is always confirming things for you.


Remember, I can’t give your truth. I can only give you a new perspective. Thank you for being open, and I’m so honored to be here with you at this time.


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