Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Channeling: What Are the Gods?

or: Do I really believe I’m channeling all this shit from ancient gods?


When I talk about communicating with Apollo or Aphrodite, am I actually talking about talking with an Ancient Greek god?

The short answer is yes. And no. But yes.

In some ways, we can talk about the gods as psychological aspects of our consciousness—meaning a god exists within you as an archetypal drive.

For example, you have the Apollo archetype within you. It demands that you keep both your body and mind sharp. If you dishonor your Apollo archetype, you’ll fail that important test and come down with the flu.

If you dishonor your Aphrodite archetype, you’ll wander the world loveless and alone.

So don’t do that.

I used to think that this was the only level the gods existed on.

But as I’ve worked with Mythraeum and written about the archetypes, I noticed that they seemed to be communicating with me—I was getting information to write that I would never have been able to come up with on my own. My questions would be answered in ways I never would have thought of.

Here’s what I began to sense is happening. (Actually, it’s what Apollo tells me is happening.)

The gods as “beings” do actually exist.

They are energetic symbols that exist within humanity’s collective consciousness.

Humanity actually created the gods, and they are here to serve us—not the other way around. They don’t give a shit about being “worshiped.” They just want us to be happy.


First, I want to talk about our collective consciousness.

What is it?

It’s the collective mind of all humanity. It’s like our hive mind. But it exists on higher level than we generally communicate.

Just as your own higher mind is full of all the wisdom you need to make choices for your life, so is the higher mind of humanity full of all the wisdom we need to make choices for our evolution.

How did this wisdom get there? Where did it come from?

We put it there.


There is a constant line of communication between my everyday mind and my higher self.

Most of the time, we’re not open to the messages of our higher self. So we feel lost and unguided. But that guidance is always there, if we know how to access it. The higher self will send wisdom and love down to us, so we never feel lost and alone. So we are in touch with our true power.

From the other direction, I’m sending information up to my higher self.

What does this information consist of?

It consists of my every unique experience and perspective—because yes, I am a special snowflake (and so are you), and the Universe has never seen things from my perspective until I came along. I am like a completely unique camera lens that has a completely unique take on reality. (And so are you.) THAT is what I’m sending up to my higher self.

Why should my completely unique take on reality matter at all?

Because all our higher selves are connected. They exist in what’s like this “stratosphere” layer where they’re all merged.

When my completely unique take on reality gets funneled up to my higher self, YOUR higher self also has access to it.

So that means that my higher self has access to all the experiences, perspectives, and wisdom of every human being on earth. When I manage to open to my higher self and download guidance, I’m actually pulling from the wisdom of all humanity.

Still with me?


All of humanity throughout all of history has been sending information up into the collective consciousness in this way.

That means that this “stratosphere” of our higher selves is not only full of our PRESENT collective wisdom, but also the collective wisdom of humanity’s PAST. (And our future, but that takes us into a discussion of the nature of time. . . and that’s a topic for another time . . . ha ha.)

Got it? Okay. Now let’s talk about how we as humanity generate symbols together.


When millions of people focus their energy on the Kardashians, we create more of the Kardashians. They get bigger and stronger and more pervasive.

When you focus your energy on specific posts in your Facebook feed, you see more of those kinds of posts . . . whether you like them or not.

These are metaphors for how the Universe works. For how cosmic energy flows.

What we give attention to grows. AND what we give our attention to can be created out of nothing. (Like, you can start focusing on something that you don’t yet have in your life, and suddenly see it show up in your life.) And then, if we keep giving it attention, it grows.

Now, imagine what happens when all of humanity focuses all its consciousness on a SINGLE SYMBOL for thousands and thousands of years, attributing all kinds of personality traits and properties to that symbol.

It’s created out of nothing, and it grows.

This is what has occurred with the “gods.”

Humanity has focused so much of its attention on these symbols, over such a long time, that we CREATED them. They exist in the stratosphere of our higher selves. They, and all the wisdom and power they represent, exist within our collective consciousness. And now they can serve as points of access to wisdom and power.

You can think of the gods as “lenses.” Just like each individual person is a completely unique lens, the gods are lenses through which we can see reality.

When I “talk with Apollo,” I’m accessing humanity’s collective wisdom, but I’m filtering it through the symbol of Apollo. It’s like I’m holding up the “Apollo Lens” and looking at reality through it. It’s the SAME REALITY. But everything looks completely different through the Apollo lens. I can see totally different colors. My definitions of the symbols all around me change. My understanding of time and intelligence shifts.

Then I can hold up the Aphrodite lens, and I see everything through her eyes. (Her eyes are so fun, by the way.) I am able to feel more love and to connect with myself and with other people in deeper ways. I am able to understand humanity’s overall relationship with love, and why we have so many issues with it. It’s the same reality, but with the Aphrodite lens, I see it through rose-colored glasses.


Here is another great metaphor: It is as though humanity has constructed these vast supercomputers. And just as we could turn to an actual supercomputer for answers, we have created the “gods” and we can turn to them for answers. They are portals to the wisdom of all of humanity, throughout all of time.


So what if you want to see things unfiltered, through no lens at all? What if you want to just see “reality?”

No such thing.

No, I’m serious.

Every human being is, in essence, a “lens” just as I’ve described. I am looking at everything through the “Leslie lens.” Without a camera lens, there is no movie. Without lenses in your eyes, there is no vision. Your unique lens is created when your soul decides to incarnate in your current form. No one else has ever, or will ever, share your exact perspective.

There is no such thing as “reality” because reality is only ever and always what you say it is. How you interpret it. The universe is an entirely subjective place.

You don’t get to put down your lenses entirely, but you do get to choose which lenses you work with.

So. When I say I’m channeling or communicating with a god, that’s what’s going on. As I understand it now.

My understanding of this may shift though. As you awaken, you have access to a lot of fun great information, but it’s also very clear to me that I’ve only just begun. There is so much more to know.


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