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FRIGID – Casting Call in Denver, CO!

Casting Call for “Frigid” in Denver, Colorado!


A man creates his version of a perfect woman by freezing her in ice.

“Frigid” is an adaptation of the Pygmalion myth, in which the king of Cypress could not find a suitable wife, and so carved his ideal woman from marble. In this dark retelling, short story author KN Johnson asked herself “Why weren’t normal women good enough for this guy? What was wrong with him?” “Frigid” is her answer. Read the original story here.


Production Dates

Principle photography is January 6 in Loveland, Colorado. This short film is a one-day shoot.



Actors will be paid $150 for the day.


Audition Info

Auditions are on Sunday, October 29 at Benjy Dobrin Acting Studios, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Email me with the character you’d like to audition for and I’ll get you on the schedule. I’ll also send you a copy of the script and some sides.

Bring a short dramatic monologue, and be prepared to read through the sides.

If you can’t make it on October 29, no problem. Recorded video auditions are also accepted. Just record your monologue and have someone read through the sides with you on video. Have your video ready by November 4 and email it to me at


Casting Roles

Henry (lead): 30 to 70

Henry is married with kids because that’s what normal people do. But he lives in a disconnected state. His life feels like a dream where everything is fake, disappointing, and disjointed—as though he’s living in a black-and-white world. He sometimes takes dramatic measures to experience bursts of color—a world that feels perfect, where he can connect with another human being.


Lisa (supporting): 20 to 40

Lisa loves spending time outside and taking in the beauty of nature. She’s friendly, optimistic, and likes to experience new things. She has a lot of self respect and generally a great sense of self-preservation . . . it’s just that sometimes her optimism means people slip past her guard.


More Cool Info

L. Marrick is directing this film. We’ll be working with local Denver production company Parthian Enterprises and Loste Films. The team at Loste Films is highly professional, and their work has been recognized and won awards at film festivals including the Spotlight Horror Film Festival in Atlanta and Blissfest333 International Film Festival.

Read more about “Frigid,” about Mythraeum’s previous film “Heat,” and about Loste Films by clicking here.


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