Monday, June 13th, 2016

From Short Story to Short Film: Heat Production Pics!

I know I’ve gone radio silent lately . . . so sorry!

I’ve been neck-deep in production for Mythraeum’s first short film. Here’s the short story we’re basing the film on.

The final days of pre-production were almost as hectic as production itself. The entire process pretty much swallowed me whole! Next time I’ll know more what to expect and be more on my game, but this time I couldn’t keep up with posting and production at the same time.

Here are a few pictures from production. Thanks to our makeup girl Rachael Gibson for taking the pictures!


Heat Pix 2

Me talking to our lead actress, Cassie.


enhance 1

A night scene!


enhance 6

Our AD Tom, our gaffer Jared, me, and our actress Cassie. I got so sunburned during our first day of filming outside that I had to wear that fancy lady shawl the second day.


Heat Pix 1

Our cinematographer Brekon filming our supporting actress Linda.


enhance 10

A long hallway shot makes Cassie look tiny and trapped on film. This shot looks great in the movie!


enhance 3

We got locked out of our green room . . . where all the food and gear was! Fortunately the guys could climb over and unlock the door with a boom pole. 🙂


enhance 8

Cassie and Joey (who played the role of Radian). Joey flew in from Minnesota for the film.


enhance 7

Beautiful colors in this scene, filmed during “magic hour” between sunset and dark.


enhance 9

Me, our cinematographer Brekon, our actress Cassie, and our AD Tom.


We worked this production with a skeleton crew and filmed over four days in early June. Brekon came on board late with no pre-production work, and still managed to get some of the most beautiful, creative shots I could imagine. Tom (our AD) kept everything running on time and kept the set running smoothly. He and his team are with D&O Studios, who run a tight ship and really know their stuff! This crew and cast made the production. I can’t wait to share it with you all!

But first the footage has to go through several rounds of editing and sound design, and then I have to negotiate with SAG to be sure we have the rights to showcase the film on the internet. Not sure what that will entail yet, but I’ll keep you updated. 🙂


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