Monday, March 14th, 2016

Persephone is a Badass! Short Story Contest Results


Thanks to everyone who entered the Persephone is a Badass short story contest!

I really enjoyed reading all of your stories, and I’m so happy to say that there’s a winner—Keegan Cassady won $100 for his story “The Persephone Project.” Congratulations, Keegan! Your story is truly badass.

The theme of the contest involved Theseus and his friend Pirithous’s plans to abduct Persephone, but she turned the tables on them. (Read the original contest specifications here.)

“The Persephone Project” featured that theme in a way that became a self-exploration of Persephone’s identity, and showed that the more self-aware she became, the more powerful she became . . . despite the fact that she was always innocent.

Keegan has generously agreed to let me share the story here on Mythraeum, and I’m excited to post it here on Wednesday! Subscribe to Mythraeum and select “Read Contest Entries” to be notified when it’s posted.


A very honorable mention goes to KM Herbeck, whose story illustrated the darkly sexual aspect of the relationship between Persephone and Hades, and the way outsiders might misunderstand that dynamic, and misunderstand the nature of Persephone herself. (Also, sexy vampires. Love that.)

KM has also agreed to let me share her story here on Mythreaum.


Thanks again to everyone who entered—this was so fun! And don’t forget to check out March and April’s contest, about the sibling rivalry between Artemis and Apollo.

Mythraeum currently hosts six of this short story contests a year. In 2017, one of the winning contest entries will be chosen for production as a short film. Keegan’s story is up for consideration!

We’re already well into preproduction for our first short, titled HEAT. Casting is being finalized and we’re shooting in June 2016! Read more about that project here.

And be sure to enter your short story to the current contest to have a chance to see it developed into a film!




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