Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Story: Pandora Winner! “Huntress”

Aaaannnd we have a winner for the Pandora Contest!

Thanks to Nebula Star, who wrote a gorgeous, dark, fun piece called “Huntress.”

“Huntress” takes place in a dystopic sci-fi world. Pandora, regretful of opening the fateful jar that loosed all of the evils on mankind, is on a mission to make things right. She travels Earth and Space in her pod-like starship to hunt down each and every last evil thing she let out, and capture it back in the jar. Her dream is Utopia.

Prometheus, whose green energy company had toppled the big oil corporations by providing everyone on Earth with clean energy at a low, flat rate, views Pandora as a menace. (Like, he kind of had this “Utopia” thing all figured out until she came along and loosed all the darkness on the world.) His brother Epimetheus, the family black sheep with¬†zero ambition, is a groupie who follows a popular band all around the galaxy, and also Pandora’s husband.

“Huntress” reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural . . . in space. So much fun all around!

Nebula Star has decided not to share her winning story here on Mythraeum, because she’s developing it into a longer work and would like to submit it to publishers. Great plan!

Thanks for writing, Nebula Star, and congratulations!




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